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Why choose Carrier VRF?

Your choice of VRF system makes a difference. When you invest in Carrier VRF, you create a system that delivers on the promise of comfort, performance and reliability - the backbone of Carrier confidence.

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Ultimate reliability​

Reliability is at the heart of XCT7 conception which brings customers a total peace of mind

  • Outdoor condenser with advanced black-coated fin technology for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Reduced liquid shock failure rate thanks to the anti-liquid shock technology of the compressor

Enhanced system performance​

The enhanced system efficiency relies of the combination of the following advanced features:

  • Improved refrigerant distribution balance thanks to the centrifugal oil separator
  • Smooth supply of lubricant with 10-stage oil return technology which protects the compressor and the system


Carrier's VRF system achieves high-efficiency in cooling and heating by utilizing:

  • High-efficient DC fan
  • Advanced DC compressor

Large operating range​

XCT7 units deliver comfort solutions for any indoor space, anytime of the year.



Easy installation​

By design, Carrier's XCT7 VRF systems are user-friendly, providing easy installation and maintenance.

  • Easy to open the front panel
  • Easy access to the internal system components
  • Branching kit designed to fit your requirements
  • One button trial operation :
    • Saves 10% of test operation time
    • Test all units in one go

Incredible flexibility​

XCT7 units provide flexibility to accomodate almost any building requirement. 

  • Compact solution, perfect for limited space applications
  • Up to 110 Pa external static pressure available
  • Easily serves high-rise buildings up to 110m
  • Flexible piping layout

Wide range of options​

XCT7 units have been designed to satisfy your needs. No matter the building, application or project specifications, Carrier has a VRF solution for you. 

  • Single module from 4 to 26HP
  • 4 modules combination, up to 104HP
  • IDU solutions for every scenario
  • Up to 64 indoor units per outdoor system
  • User friendly controller solutions