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Type: Ventilation

  • Efficiency up to 78% on temperature exchanger & 75% on enthalpy
  • Efficient DC inverter capable of operating quiet and stable
  • Efficient heat exchanger made by graphene ultra-fine synthetic fibers
  • Standard F7 filters for clean air
  • 150-2000m3/hr airflow
  • Static pressure 65~90Pa for easy installation
  • Interlocking with standard VRF indoor units
  • Easy installation & easy access for fixing and maintenance

XCT7 VRF range: indoor units for every scenario

Carrier provides a variety of quiet and aesthetic VRF indoor units. With 4 types of cassettes, 3 types of ducts, 4 types of console and high wall, and 1 type of ventilation units, you are sure to find the right indoor unit for you.


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