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Touchscreen controller (up to 800 IDU)

Type: Centralized controller

  • Built-in 6 Languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Individual control, group control & central control (max 800 indoor units)
  • 12.5 inch TFT LCD touchscreen
  • Web access & e-mail alarm
  • Weekly schedule & special day setting
  • Floor plan layout view
  • Allow integration of 3rd party devices such as fire alarms, fans and lighting, other than XCT7 indoor units
  • Electricity billing function works as per the allocation of electricity consumption for each indoor unit
  • Peak-valley time electricity price can be set manually
  • Tenant management system could configure tenant information and assign the indoor unit to the tenant
  • * Must be used in combination with a 40VCCX17FQEE for each XCT7 system (max. 64 indoor units)

Carrier introduces XCT7, our latest generation of VRF systems
XCT7 VRF systems provide unmatched advantages for customers including improved reliability, enhanced system performance, high efficiency, a large operating range, easy installation and incredible flexibility.
Carrier VRF: Side Discharge Outdoor units
This brand new range include Side Discharge outdoor units perfectly suited for small or narrow spaces.
With their compact design, XCT7 Side Discharge units are easy to install and maintain. Discover all XCT7 features in our video.
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