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Carrier’s Next-Generation Hybrid Hydronic Unit Meets Unique Requirements of Hotels and Hospitality Venues

MONTLUEL, France -

Guest benefits include high indoor air quality, excellent comfort and quiet performance with use of induction ventilation and variable-speed fans

Carrier has introduced IdroFan® 36XH, a next generation of high-efficiency, hybrid hydronic terminal unit specifically designed for hotels and hospitality venues with intermittent occupancy. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

The new IdroFan® 36XH is a hybrid hydronic terminal that can operate as a stand-alone unit to maintain stable, comfortable conditions for guests, while delivering energy-efficient operation, reduced running costs and flexibility for building owners. Connected to a high-performance Carrier air handling unit, IdroFan® 36XH provides enhanced indoor air quality by delivering filtered, conditioned fresh air to the space. To further enhance indoor air quality and occupant well-being, an optional integrated carbon dioxide sensor can be fitted to the terminal unit.

"Rooms with intermittent occupancy, such as hotels, restaurants and bars, pose particular challenges for effective air conditioning and ventilation," said Alexandra Chanu, Product Manager, Europe, Carrier. "Carrier's next-generation IdroFan® 36XH hydronic hybrid terminal is designed to address the unique requirements of this segment, combining thermal responsiveness, energy-efficiency and guest comfort in a cost-effective package."

The design of IdroFan® 36XH combines the efficiency of air induction ventilation with the high heating and cooling capacity of a fan coil. The hydronic hybrid terminal range includes three unit sizes, all available in two-pipe or four-pipe configurations, in capacities up to 8.79kW heating and 4.7kW cooling. It features three operating modes, Eco/Quiet, Comfort/Quiet and Active Fan/Boost, to address the different requirements of intermittently occupied rooms, ensuring comfortable conditions at all times for guests and minimising operating costs.

The Eco/Quiet and Comfort/Quiet modes enable prioritisation of lower operating costs or comfort, with conditioned fresh air supplied via the terminal by a remote air handling unit, ensuring quiet in-room performance. Eco/Quiet mode is ideal for nighttime use when low sound is required and thermal conditions are less variable. The high level of fresh air renewal aids restful sleep and supports guest well-being. Comfort/Quiet mode provides the same fresh air benefits with quicker temperature adjustments as needed throughout day. Active Fan/Boost mode provides super-rapid response for refreshing room air and adjusting temperature when a space has been previously unoccupied or when seasonal conditions require.

When outdoor conditions are favourable, the system offers free-cooling, further enhancing energy-efficiency in cooling mode and during night-time operation.

Carrier’s IdroFan® 36XH is backed by a certified Product Environmental Profile, useful for building sustainability assessments for certification standards such as BREEAM and LEED. The compact system is designed for easy positioning on site, and quick access during installation, commissioning and maintenance. Energy-efficient solutions such as IdroFan® 36XH support Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals.

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Carrier’s new IdroFan® 36XH hybrid terminal unit is specifically designed for use in hotels and hospitality venues with intermittent occupancy.