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TUI Cruises - Marine

Carrier Marine & Offshore's experts replaced two chillers and installed a customized chiller plant control, resulting in average energy savings of 32%.*
account_circleCustomer TUI Cruises
roomLocation Mein Schiff 1 cruise ship
todayDate 2014

Project description

Operated by TUI Cruises, the Mein Schiff 1 has been entertaining guests departing from Germany since 2009. Recently, when TUI wanted to upgrade the air-conditioning chiller plant, they turned to Carrier Marine & Offshore, headquarterd in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Carrier provided two new AquaEdge™ chillers, tailored to ship requirements, along with a customized chiller plant control. The equipment and system were delivered, installed, and commissioned smoothly by the Carrier Marine & Offshore team, and the end result for TUI Cruises is an average energy savings for the chiller plant of 32%.*


TUI Cruises was faced with an aging four chiller plant aboard the Mein Schiff 1 cruise ship. They needed a comprehensive, reliable solution that would provide the required cooling, make maintenance easier, keep redundancy, and save energy.

TUI turned to the experts at Carrier Marine & Offshore, who replaced two of the four chillers with the latest 19XR AquaEdge technology, each with a capacity of 4.5 MW. Carrier also installed variable speed drives on the chilled water and cooling pumps, and designed a custom chiller plant control to optimally stage the chillers and the pump speeds. Finally, Carrier installed an i-Vu® web-based user interface to provide intuitive control, monitoring, and data collection for the whole system.

Key benefits
  • Lower fuel consumption due to higher chiller efficiency
  • Optimized plant operation and data tracking for predictive maintenance
  • Turnkey solution by Carrier experts, including system configuration, installation, and commissioning
  • Variable speed pumps provide additional savings while maintaining constant guest comfort
  • 2x 19XR AquaEdge™ centrifugal chillers
  • Comfort Controller 6400
  • CHILLERVISOR System Manager III
  • Touch Pilot™ operator interface
  • I-Vu® web-based system user interface
Challenges and Solutions

The project presented a number of specific challenges:

  • Efficiency - after installation, the chiller plant is consuming, on average, 32% fewer kWh, after allowing for variations in seawater temperature, outside air temperature, and relative humidity*;
  • Functional redundancy - prior to the plant upgrade, it was typical to have three of four chillers running to maintain cooling. After the upgrade, cooling is normally accomplished with only the two new chillers, reserving the two existing chillers as back up;
  • Optimal chiller plant control - by installing a customized chiller plant control and variable speed pumps, the system automatically maintains precise comfort while minimizing energy;
  • Project management and engineering support - Carrier expertise to design and program the system, along with installation and commissioning.
* Based on comparison of average kWh recorded aboard vessel, before and after equipment installation in November 2014. Adjustments were made to normalize air and seawater temperatures, and humidity.