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Buckingham Palace Road

111 Buckingham Palace Road gets 2.4MW of Carrier Chillers in Air Conditioning Upgrade
account_circleCustomer Buckingham Palace Road
roomLocation London, United Kingdom
todayDate 2022

Project description

A major refurbishment of London’s iconic 111 Buckingham Palace Road, located near Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station, includes a new air conditioning system with high-efficiency Carrier screw chillers.

Tenants occupying the landmark building now benefit from outstanding indoor comfort provided by two Carrier AquaForce® 30XBE air-cooled chillers, installed by Leonari Ltd for Savills’ consultancy division.

Delivering a combined total of 2.4MW of cooling, the chillers are equipped with variable speed fan motors to minimise noise levels and maximise energy savings, delivering a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) for cooling of up to 4.6.


The chiller lift, requiring a 450-tonne crane, took place over a weekend, with London’s busy Buckingham Palace Road closed for less than a day. The building remained fully occupied during the project, requiring particular attention to the needs of occupants.
Key benefits
  • Outstanding indoor comfort
  • Minimise noise levels and maximise energy savings
  • 2 x Carrier AquaForce® 30XBE air-cooled chillers
Challenges and solutions

"It required a very compact solution with specific dimensions and upper weight limit," said Stathis Londos, Founder and Managing Director of contractor Leonari Ltd. "The client also required excellent energy efficiency to align with their high environmental performance standards. We looked at several options, and the Carrier solution was the one that fully met the requirements. We are also familiar with Carrier engineering – it is a proven design and known for its reliability."

He added: "The Carrier team provided excellent support throughout the project. Due to the site sensitivities, it required careful planning over an extended period, with no room for error. Carrier was embedded in the planning process during the year-long preparations, effectively becoming part of our team."

Evangelos Rodis, Head of Design & Projects and Director at Savills Engineering & Design Consultancy, said: "The successful outcome is testimony to the close collaboration between all parties throughout the project. From the initial consultation with stakeholders and building occupiers, to the design, installation and commissioning, the project was delivered to the highest standards. It is imperative for such work to be completed with minimum impact on the operation of the building, and this was managed extremely well through careful planning and teamwork. It is great to see the new system in operation providing high quality indoor comfort and environmental standards for those who occupy the building."