Carrier Transicold Vector™ 1550 Refrigeration Units, Training Add Up to Profits for Green Logistic

Cieszyn, Poland -

CIESZYN, Poland, July XX, 2014 – Green Logistic Sp. Z o.o., one of Poland’s largest produce haulers, added 15 truck and trailer combinations equipped with Carrier Transicold’s Vector™ 1550 refrigeration units as part of a fleet expansion. Green Logistic picked the units for their efficiency and versatility, and credits the technology and Carrier Transicold Poland’s comprehensive operator training with generating immediate profitability gains, especially in fuel savings. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping of temperature-controlled cargoes with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

“We found that the new units consume about 15 percent less fuel than other units in our fleet,” said Damian Gulewski, board chairman, Green Logistic, which provides transportation and logistics services for Green Group Sp. Z o.o., a producer of greenhouse-grown tomatoes and cucumbers that is based in Leonów, near Cieszyn. Green Logistic tracked performance of the units over their first six months of use.


The Vector 1550 unit achieves its efficiency using a patented combination of a hermetic compressor with an economizer. The economizer supplies up to a 40 percent increase in refrigeration capacity during pulldown, contributing to the unit’s exceptional cold-chain performance. The Vector platform’s signature E-Drive™ all-electric refrigeration technology means refrigeration and heating operations are 100 percent electric, powered over the road by an onboard generator driven by the unit’s 1.5-liter engine.

“Vectors are efficient, and they cool the load space very fast,” Gulewski said. “Thanks to Carrier’s E-Drive all-electric technology, the Vector 1550 unit removes a large number of serviceable parts, such as belts, from the refrigeration cycle, substantially reducing maintenance and downtime.

 “We chose the Vector 1550 for its good value and also for Carrier Transicold’s extensive service support network,” Gulewski said. “Carrier is well-represented not only in Western Europe, but also in the east. This is important, as we have recently expanded transport services to that region.”

Carrier Transicold’s training of Green Logistic operators was significant to the successful adoption of the units, according to Gulewski.
"Carrier thoroughly trained our drivers on the design and operation of the Vector 1550 units, enabling them to intelligently select specific modes, like Ecofuel, that provide the optimal combination of refrigeration and fuel savings for any given load of perishables," said Gulewski. “The drivers now take full advantage of the capabilities offered by the new units.” 

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