Carrier Transicold Expands ComfortPro®APU Line With New Customizable Electric Model

The new ComfortPro® electric auxiliary power unit (APU) from Carrier Transicold provides quiet, emissions-free truck cab cooling while delivering one of the longest runtimes in a battery-powered APU.

The ComfortPro electric APU is powered by four Group 31 AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries that are charged by the truck’s alternator. Thanks to innovative power management technology that maximizes efficiency, the ComfortPro APU provides 7,500 Btu/h of air conditioning for up to 11 hours.

“As an engineless system, the ComfortPro electric APU provides air conditioning comfort without fuel consumption, idling noise and related emissions,” said Ryan Rubly, product manager, alternative power, Carrier Transicold.

With a simpler design than engine-driven APU systems and only a few moving parts, there is less to service with a ComfortPro electric APU.

As an air conditioning system, the ComfortPro electric model offers an economical path to APU ownership and is relatively easy to install. Options allow users to customize the unit to meet individual needs, expanding capabilities to provide heating, power for hotel loads, shore power connectivity and truck engine preheating.

By providing cab climate control and other functions, APUs reduce truck engine idling, helping drivers comply with local and regional anti-idling regulations while saving fuel and reducing wear and tear on their truck engines. The emissions-free performance offered by electric APUs in particular can help drivers and fleets in California, where additional exhaust treatment is generally required for diesel-powered APU applications.

Assembled by Carrier Transicold in Athens, Georgia, the new ComfortPro electric APUs are installed and supported by Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network. For more details about the ComfortPro electric APU visit carrier.com/comfortpro-electric.

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