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Transport Refrigeration Products

The transport industry's most advanced refrigeration equipment

Carrier Transicold's industry-leading innovative single temperature and multi-temperature solutions for trailers, straight trucks, and rail cars provide efficient, reliable, emissions-compliant performance that improves our customers' operations in today's ever-changing marketplace. We offer a complete range of the industry's most advanced refrigeration equipment, from the Supra® diesel truck family, our vehicle powered direct-drive units, and to Carrier’s exclusive all-electric architecture Vector™ trailer units.

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Trailer Refrigeration Units

Carrier's innovative trailer refrigeration unit technology provides reliable and sustainable products that are designed to meet the needs of every customer application: single-temp, multi-temp, electric, stationary, heating units or solar charging systems.

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Transport Electrification

Carrier's zero-emission refrigerated trailer systems give fleets an unprecedented opportunity to cut fuel consumption and emissions, achieve compliance in a changing regulatory climate and push beyond their sustainability goals for a cleaner tomorrow.

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Intermodal and Rail Refrigeration Units

Carrier understands the complexity of the refrigerated railcar business. Unattended service demands exceptional reliability and dependability. Carrier refrigeration units are specially built to handle the severe duty that intermodal and rail applications demand.

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Diesel-Powered Truck Refrigeration Units

Turn to the next generation of the industry's most trusted diesel-powered refrigeration units for trucks. With new technology, reduced maintenance and lower operating costs, Carrier's diesel refrigeration units are changing the game in the diesel truck reefer space.

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Direct Drive Van and Truck Refrigeration Units

Vehicle-powered refrigeration units provide cooling capabilities for small van applications and offer an economical alternative for straight truck bodies up to 20 feet long — perfect for delivery vans, cargo trucks, and more.

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Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for Trucks

Carrier Transicold Auxiliary Power Units for trucks create a comfortable, homelike cab experience for drivers, while providing big advantages for fleets. Carrier's selection of world class truck APUs comes with the additional benefits of easy maintenance, regulatory compliance, driver retention, fuel savings, and reduced tractor idling.

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Lynx® Fleet Telematics Platform

The robust Lynx Fleet platform provides a comprehensive overview of a fleet, allowing refrigerated transporters to manage operations efficiently while maintaining compliance and accountability throughout the cold chain from coast to coast.

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APX Control System

As technology becomes more powerful, it can become more complex, at a time when your business needs it to be faster and easier to use. Carrier's APX Control System advances the art and science of transport refrigeration control.

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Performance Parts

Quality parts, accessories and dealer support for Carrier Transicold systems and competitive equipment.

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