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Zero-Emission Refrigerated Trailer System

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Driving the Future with Sustainable Cooling Technology

Carrier Transicold is advancing its portfolio of zero-emission transport refrigeration solutions for North America with the release of a refrigerated trailer system that sustainably creates its own power using leading-edge energy recovery and storage.

At the core of the new trailer system is Carrier Transicold’s Vector™ refrigeration unit, which uniquely uses E-Drive™ all-electric refrigeration technology to chill and freeze efficiently with reduced maintenance requirements. Its electric operation is ideally adaptable to a power solution which utilizes innovative in-wheel motor technology to capture and store clean, regenerative energy.

A New Generation System

3D schematic of eHub technology in refrigerated trailer

The zero-emission refrigeration system utilizes regenerative energy captured by the leading-edge energy recovery and storage system and stores it in a battery under the trailer (orange) for use by the Vector refrigeration unit mounted on the front of the trailer.

From its inception, the Vector platform’s onboard power plant has been a high-performance generator coupled to a diesel engine. However, the new Vector eCool™ system offers the potential to eliminate the engine and generator, producing “free” electricity without the fuel consumption, emissions and engine noise typically associated with conventional trailer refrigeration systems.

With the new Vector eCool system, electricity now can be provided an in-wheel electric motor application that repurposes energy from coasting and braking. This new technology creates ample power to run the Vector unit emissions-free.

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Key Benefits


Zero Emissions

No engine/No emissions. When parked, run the refrigeration system via stored battery power, regenerative energy, or shorepower.



Low-GWP refrigerants and regenerative energy make for a greener fleet.



E-Drive maximizes efficiency while reducing maintenance associated with conventional diesel refrigeration units.



Eliminates diesel engine noise, resulting in noticeably quieter operations.

Sustainability for Our Generation and the Next

The new zero-emission refrigeration system charts a new course for North America’s refrigerated fleets, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to cut fuel consumption and emissions, achieve compliance in a changing regulatory climate and push beyond their sustainability goals for a cleaner tomorrow.

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