Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for Trucks

Electric or Diesel-Powered APUs

Carrier Transicold auxiliary power units create a comfortable, homelike cab experience for drivers, while providing big advantages for fleets. Carrier's selection of world class APUs comes in 3 different system models: Aspen™ Diesel APU, ComfortPro® Electric APU, and ComfortPro® Lithium-Ion Electric APU, all include the additional benefits of easy maintenance, regulatory compliance, driver retention, fuel savings, and reduced tractor idling.

Aspen Diesel APU next to truck cab

Aspen™ Diesel Auxiliary Power Unit

Aspen Diesel Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) from Carrier Transicold are designed for high performance, versatility, durability, reliability and ease of use.

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ComfortPro® Electric Auxiliary Power Unit

The ComfortPro electric auxiliary power unit (APU) quietly cools the cab for driver comfort throughout the night, during breaks and rest periods using energy supplied by the tractor.

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ComfortPro® Lithium Ion Electric Auxiliary Power Unit

The ComfortPro electric auxiliary power unit (APU) with li-ion batteries (250ION) significantly outperforms conventional electric APU runtime and battery life, providing quiet, emissions-free performance with minimal maintenance.

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Aspen™ APU is top choice for bottom line benefits

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