Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

Comfort. Convenience. Connectivity.

The ComfortPro® auxiliary power unit line creates a comfortable, homelike cab experience for drivers, while providing big advantages for fleets. The ComfortPro® diesel and electric auxiliary power units provide a complete range of anti-idling and comfort solutions. There are 4 main models: integrated, stand-alone, power-only, and electric and several options to customize the solution to the specific needs of the customer. The integrated model is fully featured system. Coolant lines connect the APU to the tractor engine cooling system with engine warming provided via APU coolant exchange. Next, the stand-alone model provides the same capabilities as the integrated model, but tractor and APU coolant systems are independent. Tractor engine warming is done via the tractor’s block heater, powered by the ComfortPro APU’s generator. The power-only model provides power for hotel loads and for applications where no cab climate control is needed such as auxiliary loads. Provides engine preheating via coolant exchange. Finally, the electric model provides an ideal, emissions-free air conditioning system for driver comfort.