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Efficient, high-performing Carrier HVAC solutions

Designed for the Data Center

Lifecycle solutions for complete data center optimization.

As your data center evolves, turn to Carrier for purpose-built solutions and expertise to help you face all your data center challenges with confidence.

Maximize Uptime
Meet Sustainability Goals
Support Increased Workloads
Improve Efficiency

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Our HVAC solutions for data center
Turn to Carrier for purpose-built solutions and expertise to help you face all your data center challenges with confidence.

Efficient, high-performing HVAC solutions.

Designed for the data center.

AquaForce® 30XF air-cooled screw chiller

Air-cooled chiller range with variable-speed screw compressors, R-1234ze refrigerant, covering cooling capacities from 390 kW to 2100 kW with integrated free-cooling and ultra-fast recovery option for small to large-size data centers cooling.

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AquaEdge® water-cooled chillers

Carrier’s water-cooled chillers combine innovative features, exceptional versatility and a full-system approach to efficient cooling up to 3800 kW per unit. 19DV can restart swiftly following a power loss – just 150 seconds to reach full design capacity once power is restored.

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AquaSnap® 30RBP air-cooled scroll chiller

Air-cooled chiller range with multiple scroll compressors, R-32 refrigerant, covering cooling capacities from 170 kW to 950 kW with integrated free-cooling for small to medium size data center cooling.

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AquaForce® 61XWHZE high-temperature water source screw heat pump

Water source heat pump range with fixed-speed screw compressors, R1234z refrigerant, covering heating capacities from 300kW to 1600kW that can value data center heat to generate up to 85°C hot water for district heating systems.

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Computer room air conditioners

Direct expansion cabinet with vertical airflow and exterior air condensation unit: 50CJ-X. Ideal for small or low-density data centers.

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Computer room air handlers

Chilled water cabinet with vertical airflow: 50CJ-W, 50CO-W and tailor made units. Freedom to specify the optimal system with moderate-to-high availability requirements in medium and large data centers.

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Computer room air handlers (fan-wall)

Modular design with high flexibility for customization. Horizontal airflow. Particularly suitable to get the lower consumption in large or high-density data centers with high availability requirements.

Complete lifecycle service and support.

Designed for the data center.



The BluEdge service platform is a tiered program that delivers expertise, service and greater peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of your HVAC equipment.

Carrier Rental Systems

Take advantage of readily available rental units to ensure continuous operations while you select, order and receive new equipment so you can minimize disruptions to your data center operations.

Next-level, integrated management solutions.

Designed for the data center.

Integrated Data Center Management (IDCM)

Two proven leaders. One integrated solution. See how our IDCM brings together best-in-class technology from Automated Logic and Nlyte to provide greater insight and control for today’s increasingly complex computing and supporting infrastructure.

Nlyte Asset Optimizer

Bring automation and efficiency to asset lifecycle management, capacity planning, workflow integration, and audit and compliance tracking with an open and scalable software solution designed for the data center.

Nlyte Energy Optimizer

Monitor power and cooling. Deliver threshold alarming. View real-time and historical analytics. It’s all possible with our highly scalable, hardware-agnostic solution that manages and tracks the data center power chain.


Fully-integrated solutions.

Designed for the data center.

We know that cooling is just one part of an optimized data center environment, that’s why Carrier also offers a wide range of design services as well as fire and security systems to keep your data center safe, including:

  • System design
  • Energy analysis
  • Energy-as-a-service
  • Aspirating smoke detection
  • Incident management
  • Mass notification
  • Fire suppression
  • Cloud-based physical access control
  • Video surveillance with analytics