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Carrier® and Barrisol® advanced HVAC ceiling solutions

Outstanding comfort and enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Carrier and Barrisol advanced HVAC ceiling solutions provide outstanding opportunities for comfort, well being and aesthetics. Based on the Carrier HVAC equipment proven expertise, Carrier and Barrisol solutions supply a unique combination enhancing Indoor Air Quality in a large scope of building configurations: offices, restaurants, hotels, sport centers, industry, healthcare public reception...
HVAC ceiling solutions

Carrier and Barrisol HVAC ceiling solutions combine a stretch ceiling with air conditioning system. These solutions allow the technical components to be hidden by the ceiling, generate a constant and uniform temperature, with no draughts, and ensure high acoustic comfort.
Indoor Air Quality: Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® products ensures Class A+ for Indoor Air Quality, High efficiency air renewal and solutions can be upgraded with UV lamps for the Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products.

HVAC modular ceiling solutions

Other Carrier and Barrisol combined installations consist in modular ceiling units that help providing air conditioning, light and room acoustic comfort to the room.
Barrisol Cloud Clim® featuring Carrier® products automatically adapt the unit diffusion flow according to the temperature of the air blown. The fan coil can be integrated in a decorative platform fitted with lateral diffusion outlets.


Carrier and Barrisol advanced HVAC ceiling solutions are designed to be environmentaly sustainable: 100% recyclable membranes and profiles. Eco-responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes.


High energy efficiency

Class A hot and cold thermal comfort (ISO 7730 standard).


Carrier and Barrisol advanced HVAC ceiling solutions are part of the Carrier Healthy Building Program.

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