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Your HVAC equipment needs to be protected

Carrier's expansive knowledge of all brands of equipment is the basis for our portfolio of services. We create a plan that ensures your equipment’s peak performance and longevity.​
Efficient operation, to guarantee the longest possible lifetime of your equipment, starts with its commissioning.
After commissioning, Carrier equipment is covered by warranty.
Prevent & Predict
Ensuring your equipment’s peak performance and longevity dictates a commitment to preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance programs.
BluEdge® Service Agreements
Maximize performance, optimize your investments and ensure your HVAC system stays up to date.
Digital Connectivity
Carrier offers the latest in digital connectivity and continuous monitoring for your commercial HVAC equipment with BluEdge® service offerings and Abound™ HVAC Performance.
Carrier's factory-trained technicians fix your systems expertly and efficiently. All around Europe, you benefit from a network of experts to get the efficient support for all your application and business needs.
Spare parts
Thanks to our dedicated parts team and our factories located throughout Europe, Carrier are able to deliver 250 orders daily and efficiently distribute more than 1 600 shipments per week around the world.
Rental systems
Carrier Rental Systems is a leading provider of specialized cooling, heating, dehumidification and power generation rental equipment.