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HVAC Solutions with the BluEdge Service Platform

Maximize performance, optimize your investments and ensure your HVAC system stays up to date.

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Partnering with Carrier Commercial for your service and lifecycle needs brings with it the security of knowing that every facet of your investment is being carefully monitored, analyzed, maintained, and documented.

With Carrier, you are not just getting the most innovative equipment in the industry, but a trusted partner who can ensure your peace-of-mind over the lifetime of your equipment through Carrier’s BluEdge service offering.

BluEdge Services

24/7 Emergency Support & Prioritization

Service agreement customers receive priority for emergency service calls, available 24/7.

Digital Connectivity

With our digital connectivity platform powered by Abound HVAC Performance, Carrier customers will receive the benefits of continuous monitoring, alarm management, and proactive insights that allow our team and your team to see issues before they arise.

IAQ Offerings

Continuously monitor various air quality parameters and conditions for changes so adjustments can be made to get indoor air quality to healthy levels.

Annual Preventive Maintenance

Our technicians perform thorough maintenance in machine shutdown mode that ensures longevity and higher reliability when placed back into service. Cooling and heating start-up services ensure optimal seasonal performance.

Operating Inspections

Carrier thoroughly inspects and adjusts your equipment to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance

Pre-scheduled recurring preventive maintenance performed once a year or as recommended. This maintenance is designed to maintain the machine at factory standards and prepares the equipment for effective, reliable, and efficient operation. Examples include but are not limited to coil cleaning, tube brushing, filter changes, and more.

On-site Predictive Maintenance

Advanced on-site diagnostic service options expose hidden problems before they become emergency issues and schedule repairs at times most convenient for you.

Unscheduled Repairs, Parts & Labor

Repair or replacement of moving parts and maintainable components that may have failed unexpectedly.

End-of-Life Retrofit

Achieve enhanced overall system efficiency with total chiller plant equipment and system replacement when approaching serviceable lifespan.

BluEdge is a best-in-class lifecycle solution including customizable plans to ensure your equipment’s peak performance and longevity is backed by unmatched expertise and the latest technology for years to come.

An economical solution for customer with a connected ​ Chiller and need for standard support. Our Core product ​ allows us to support your needs with a mix of Online and side presence.

Designed for customers who are looking for complete preventive maintenance that combines site presence with a high level of remote connectivity. We will maximise your equipment life, uptime and performance with customized support for each of your HVAC assets. ​

Our Elite Plan is the ultimate worry free, peace of mind program for clients who demand the highest level of equipment reliability, uptimes, and fiscal certainty. Repair or replacement of maintainable failed parts is included in this plan and a comprehensive cooling contingency plan can be put in place if desired.​


Improve productivity with real-time machine health notifications and analytics for connected HVAC assets providing data-on-demand on mobile and web. Abound HVAC Performance enables digital connectivity within all of our BluEdge customized service tiers.

To purchase BluEdge please contact your Carrier Commercial Service representative, fill out our contact form or call 01372 220 220.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abound HVAC Performance is a solution that is available within the three tiers of the BluEdge service platform (Core, Enhance, Elite). It provides digital solutions that empower your team to Visualize, Advise, and Optimize the lifecycle and outcomes of your HVAC system via comprehensive dashboards, and better advice on how to manage your HVAC equipment and system optimizations to achieve key outcomes like uptime and comfort.

Abound HVAC Performance can improve productivity with real-time machine health notifications and analytics for connected HVAC assets providing data-on-demand on mobile & web. Depending on the tier Abound HVAC Performance can offer a 24/7 Command Center, easy to view Customer Portal, digital dashboard with real-time data and more advanced analytics.

Abound HVAC Performance is a solution that complements service/maintenance agreements, and is available within the three tiers of the BluEdge service platform (Core, Enhance, Elite). The offerings vary depending on which overall BluEdge tier your team has a service agreement with. Abound HVAC Performance can be added to a BluEdge service agreement or purchased as a standalone offering.

Absolutely. Additionally, while our Abound HVAC Performance tiers can be added to any tier of service agreements, regardless of level.

There is a wide range of chillers, heatpupms, dry coolers, rooftops , AHU and CCU compatible with Abound HVAC Performance.
Please contact your Carrier BluEdge service representative to confirm if your equipment is eligible.

Every facility is different, and installation of the connected services box takes just a couple hours for most facilities. After installation, onboarding is completed by our remote experts. Customers will receive an email with access details.