Since 1818, Chubb has offered the sturdiest physical security equipment by focusing on unsurpassed levels of engineering quality, craftsmanship and reliability.

Robust and reliable, our heavy-duty vault, strong-room equipment and fire-resistant cabinets are designed to withstand various types of oxygen-cutting apparatus, conventional cutting and impact tools, and even explosives in certain cases. This ensures maximum security for our clients and their valuables, be it tangible assets such as cash and jewellery, or vital information items such as documents and electronic media. Chubb’s electronic media protective safes prevents electronic interferences to its media content.

More than 80 of the world's central banks have their safes and vaults supplied and installed by Chubb every year. Additionally, Chubb provides locks and iron grille for some of the most heavily guarded and secure premises.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, Chubb’s comprehensive range of physical security hardware such as safes, fire resistant cabinets, safety deposit lockers, vaults and locks, enables effective safekeeping.

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