Our parent company, UTC, is committed to Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE).

This is your guarantee of world-class quality in everything we do.

ACE is our proprietary operating system to ensure world-class quality in our products and processes. With its relentless focus on increasing efficiency and reducing waste, ACE is integral to the company's performance model. Facilities worldwide are using the operating system to improve quality and customer satisfaction while lowering costs.

ACE is built on three main elements:

  • A philosophy based on the teaching of the late Yuzuru Ito, the company's advisor on quality methodologies. This is institutionalized in the Ito University, a week-long training session that runs continuously at each business unit.
  • A system that helps the organization identify and solve problems, improve processes, and assist with strategic thinking.
  • The competence, commitment, and involvement of the entire organization.

ACE is implemented on the micro level, with employees being trained and empowered to implement the standard processes across the company. Through a rigorous, data-driven process assessed by internal auditors, employees and their organizations progress through the qualifying, bronze, silver, and gold levels of ACE.


At Chubb our products are designed to help protect people and property, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our product portfolio is renowned for its quality, its reliability, and its proven record of helping our customers save lives and reduce property damage.


We realize that when it comes to fire safety and security, ongoing innovation and quality assurance is essential. Using the ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) methodology, UTC Fire & Security aims to always improve its products.

ACE provides a set of tools that allow us to:

  • Gather and measure customer feedback regarding product quality
  • Identify and leverage best practices for product design and manufacturing
  • Discover and measure the occurrence of any defects or problems
  • Categorize and prioritize the resolution of problems
  • Identify the root cause
  • Take action to eliminate the cause

ACE is not just a program. It is a fundamental part of how we do business each and every day. It is through this commitment to continuous improvement that we are able to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers, year after year.