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Water-to-water heat pumps and ATES systems

To meet the current climate-change targets, construction needs to be ever-more energy efficient. Therefore, heat pumps are becoming indispensable. Using a heat pump is cost-effective if it is deployed in the right way.

Information about the training:

Carrier provides two training sessions: one specifically on the application of air-to-water heat pumps and one about water-to-water heat pumps. Both trainings are aimed particularly at the utilities.

Water-to-water heat pumps are now indispensable in utilities projects. Often, these heat pumps are installed in combination with heat-cool storage systems (ATES systems). A well-designed system and the optimum integration of the heat pump is of the utmost importance.

The training looks in-depth at:

  • The way heat pumps in general work
  • Prerequisites and working areas for a heat pump
  • Hydraulic integration and control
  • Regulations on F-gases, BENG, eco-design, BRL6000
  • Practical examples of heat pump ATES systems with learnings
  • Live demo of ATES systems via Carrier Connect remote monitoring

Intended for:

Designers and project managers.