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Customized solutions for controls

Carrier offers a full range of solutions to manage and optimize your buildings control
Monitor and control 24/7 your building comfort & HVAC installation. The i-Vù® automation system provides everything you need to access, manage, and control your Building Management System (BMS). From equipment control...
  • Integrated PIC®controller
  • Options incorporation
  • Personalization
  • Communication gateways

  • the system control (PlantCTRL system, Aquasmart,...)

With these solutions you can access to your buildings from anywhere in the world through a Web browser, without the need for special software on the workstation.

Key features and benefits
  • Easy to install and start-up with predesigned control programs
  • Factory integration of control algorithms library
  • Including a variety of strategies for energy saving
  • Intuitive and rich graphics access interfaces
  • Connection of building users from any remote electronic device with internet access, or using a local touch screen interface
  • Integrating controllers for general applications
  • Advanced analysis and diagnosis tools
  • Highly versatile hardware with the ability to easily integrate third-party equipment and remote management
  • Connection in real time to your HVAC system
  • Easy integration of lighting systems, security and auxiliary systems of the building (elevation, ... )
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Other control and analysis systems

PlantCTRL system
For HVAC plants
TruVu™ Plant Sequencer
Regulate, control and optimize your standard cooling and heating plant rooms.
ABOUND™ HVAC Performance
Data analytics at the service of your chillers & heat pumps