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Training on chiller selection & total cost of ownership

New technical developments are making liquid chillers ever-more energy efficient. According to the Ecodesign directive, the reduction of energy consumption should mostly come from partial load situations.

Information about the training:

For a certain (cooling) capacity, you frequently have the choice of multiple machines from the Carrier selection. Each type has specific characteristics and advantages. Depending on the specific application, a certain type of machine will perform better than in another.

This training gives you insight into the options at Carrier, so you can give sound advice on the choice. Attention is given to several technical aspects of the various machines, as well as a (Carrier) calculation module to determine which type of machine has the lowest TCO for a specific application.

This training provides insight into:

  • The options at Carrier, so you can give sound advice.
  • Technical aspects of the various machines.
  • Carrier calculation module to determine the type of machine with the lowest TCO.

Intended for:

Advisors and designers.