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Air-to-water heat pump – hydraulics

To meet the current climate-change targets, construction needs to be ever-more energy efficient. Therefore, heat pumps are becoming indispensable. Using a heat pump is cost-effective if it is deployed in the right way.

Information about the training:

Carrier provides two training sessions: one specifically on the application of air-to-water heat pumps and one about water-to-water heat pumps. Both trainings are aimed particularly at the utilities.

Air-source heat pumps are employed more frequently and offer many options for cooling and heating for offices, care facilities, hotels and administrative buildings, for example. It is relatively simple to integrate an air-to-water heat pump into a system. Nevertheless, there are some points to consider in terms of the system design to ensure optimal working, and these are explored in the training.

The training looks more in-depth at:

  • How an air-to-water heat pump works
  • Trias Energetica and BENG
  • Ecodesign
  • Why is a heat pump a cost-effective solution?
  • Hydraulic integration
  • Subsidies (EIA, ISDE, etc,)

Intended for:

Designers, project managers and service technicians.