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Thermostat with display for fan coil unit with EC fan motor (0-10V).

The 99DA-SEI-EC01 is a thermostat with LCD display for use with fan coil units with an EC fan motor (0-10V control).
It is a thermostat with many options such as:

99DA-SEI-EC01 Thermostat
  • Suitable for 230V and 24V (adjustable). Default setting is 230V
  • Suitable for 2-pipe, 4-pipe and 2-pipe + electric heating. Default setting is 2-pipe
  • Control fan 0-10V
  • Control valves open/close or 0-10V. Default setting open/close
  • Night setback (not activated by default)
  • Equipped with a busy/unoccupied contact
  • Equipped with a window contact
  • Automatic or manual cooling/heating changeover. Default to manual
  • Connections for water sensor and return air sensor (accessory, 99DA-SEI-SEN01)
  • Adjustable dead bands
  • Minimum and maximum speeds adjustable (0-10V setting)
  • Room frost protection (if the unit can heat)
  • Configuration lock