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Carrier AquaSnap® Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller and Air-to-Water Heat Pump Now Available in R-32 Version

MONTLUEL, France -

Carrier AquaSnap® scroll chillers and heat pumps are now available with R-32 refrigerant, which improves performance and reduces direct greenhouse gas emissions by up to 77%, compared to the previous range using R-410A refrigerant. The innovative air-cooled chiller meets requirements for the European F-Gas phase-down of HFC refrigerants and Ecodesign requirements for 2021. Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

Carrier selected R-32 refrigerant, which has a low global warming potential (GWP) of 675, for use in commercial scroll chillers and heat pumps. R-32 has a GWP that is one third less than the GWP of the current R-410A version and this change, combined with a significant system refrigerant charge reduction – up to 30% for heat pumps – allows for an exceptional 77% reduction in direct greenhouse gas emissions.

The AquaSnap 30RB/P and 30RQ/P range reaches an outstanding Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER12/7) of up to 5.3 and a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of up to 3.5. The 30RB/P chiller units cover cooling capacities from 170 kW to 950 kW and the 30RQ/P heat pumps units cover heating capacities from 160 kW to 520 kW.

“Carrier’s AquaSnap chillers and heat pumps with R-32 refrigerant allow our customer to anticipate compliance to Ecodesign 2021 requirements while supporting the next phase down steps of the European F-Gas regulation for HFC,” said Didier Genois, Vice President, Carrier HVAC-Commercial, Europe. “The range also provides customers with best-in-class performance in heating and cooling conditions.”

The AquaSnap with R-32 refrigerant can meet the needs of a wide scope of applications. The range covers an extended operating map, up to 48 degrees Celsius outdoor air temperature, and features Carrier’s best-in class technologies for maximum efficiency in all conditions, including:

  • Multiple scroll compressors able to match load requirements.
  • Brazed asymmetric plate heat exchangers with true dual-circuit design for high performance in both full- and partial-load conditions.
  • Smart energy monitoring function providing real time capacity provided and energy consumption measurement.
  • Greenspeed® intelligence on 30RBP and 30RQP premium versions: variable-speed fans and variable-speed pumps.