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Beginning in early 2014, Carrier will offer the patented Humidi-MiZer adaptive dehumidification system for its highest efficiency commercial rooftops, the WeatherExpert Series, on models from 3- to 23-tons. The Humidi-MiZer adaptive dehumidification system is an all-inclusive, factory-installed option that offers a cost-effective, flexible and high-performance solution to consistently maintain year-round indoor comfort and humidity levels. Carrier, the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Providing up to 35 percent more moisture removal than typical conventional hot-gas reheat systems, the Humidi-MiZer system is also better able to adapt to peak-load and part-load conditions.

In addition, the Humidi-MiZer system can boost the latent capacity of a standard rooftop unit by up to 40 percent in the sub-cooling mode and still allow the capability for dehumidification without a call for cooling. Many applications can benefit from this technology including schools, restaurants, and churches, which have a high degree of variable occupancy. Additionally, supermarkets and health clubs can benefit because high humidity levels may cause inefficient operation of refrigeration systems and propagate the growth of mold and mildew. 

“Carrier has a heritage of engineering leadership, developing some of the most technologically advanced, innovative equipment in the industry,” said Greg Alcorn, vice president, commercial sales and marketing, Carrier. “The Humidi-MiZer adaptive dehumidification system is no exception. It expands the envelope of Carrier’s packaged rooftop products to provide unprecedented flexibility for year-round indoor comfort.”

Using a simple space thermostat and humidistat input, the Humidi-MiZer system changes the refrigerant flow by adjusting the position of the refrigerant solenoid valves. There are three modes of operation: normal, sub-cooling and hot gas reheat. For units with two refrigerant circuits, each circuit can operate in each of the three modes independently, giving the unit the flexibility to satisfy space temperature and humidity loads.

The Humidi-MiZer system is a factory-designed, tested and installed option specifically engineered for optimum performance and reliability with Carrier rooftop units; and is backed by the rooftop unit’s factory warranty.

For more information on the Humidi-MiZer system or the Carrier WeatherExpert commercial rooftop line, visit Follow the company on Twitter: @CarrierGreen.

Founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning, Carrier is the world’s leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier experts provide sustainable solutions, integrating energy-efficient products, building controls and energy services for residential, commercial, retail, transport and food service customers. Carrier is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit or follow @CarrierGreen on Twitter.