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Carrier Helps IKEA LIVAT Centre Wuhan to Improve Indoor Air Quality with Innovative Solutions

While reducing outdoor air pollution has long been at the forefront in China, improving indoor air quality is now garnering more attention. To help improve its indoor air quality, LIVAT Centre Wuhan, which is affiliated with IKEA Group, selected Carrier China, a leader in the industry, to provide a robust set of solutions including new air conditioning units, airside equipment cleaning and renovation, as well as chiller maintenance that helped to create a cleaner and healthier indoor shopping environment. Carrier China, which operates as Carrier Air Conditioning Sales & Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX)

LIVAT Centre Wuhan turned to Carrier for solutions to address indoor air quality related to fine particulate matter, inhalable particles with diameters of 2.5 micrometers or smaller (PM2.5). After proper assessment, Carrier replaced G4 primary efficiency filters and F9 medium efficiency filters, which improved the efficiency of the air conditioning systems by 50 percent to 70 percent. And according to the collected statistics, Carrier managed to sharply reduce the index of indoor PM2.5 to an excellent level of 10 to 30 μg/m3, while the outdoor density of PM2.5 was as high as 195 μg/m3, at a severe pollution level.

"Over three years, Carrier has worked side by side with LIVAT Centre Wuhan to help create an improved indoor environment. The airside renovation project demonstrates the customer’s trust in Carrier and our innovative solutions. We hope that this project success will shed a light on the importance of making improvements to the built environment and prompt more building owners and operators to optimize the indoor air quality," said Yin Hui, regional manager of Service in Wuhan, Carrier China.

Carrier also provided 39CBF modular air-conditioning units that offer improved aesthetics and efficiency, maintenance flexibility and superb thermal insulation performance, contributing to the indoor air quality improvement. The LIVAT Centre Wuhan store is also equipped with other products from Carrier, including four AquaEdge® 19XR water-cooled centrifugal chillers, one AquaForce® 30XW water-cooled screw chiller and sixty five 39CBF modular air-conditioning units. AquaEdge 19XR water-cooled centrifugal chillers, featuring mature chlorine-free refrigerant technology, maximize cost effectiveness while ensuring high efficiency. With outstanding stability, AquaForce 30XW water-cooled screw chillers have excellent part load efficiency and a compact footprint, making them great replacement units.

Located in Etouwan, Qiaokou District of Wuhan, the LIVAT Centre Wuhan, which is affiliated with IKEA Group, covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters, serving 8.3 million local residents nearby. The store features 55 inspirational room designs, more than 8,500 products and a 668-seat restaurant. The three-story building offers a department store, supermarket, home appliances and accessories, catering, entertainment and cinema.