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Township of West Orange, NJ
The portable and minimally invasive OptiClean units are highly effective against contaminants.


Improve air quality in 10 separate buildings while easing pandemic and post-pandemic health concerns of 400 municipal employees who serve over 47,000 citizens in various capacities.

During the COVID-19 lockdown and the temporary emergence of a remote workforce, there was a strong desire by leaders of the Township of West Orange, NJ to improve indoor air quality for the benefit of both staff and the visiting public when restrictions are lifted. The challenge required assessing HVAC equipment within 10 unconnected buildings, one of which offered minimal ventilation due to the lack of central air conditioning.


After meeting with township leaders, Carrier conducted a comprehensive evaluation and walkthrough of each building. This detailed assessment led to the strategic placement of 61 technologically-advanced OptiCleanTM air scrubbers in order to maximize coverage throughout each of the buildings.

The portable and minimally invasive OptiClean units are highly effective against contaminants. They not only improve air quality, but will also help alleviate coronavirus fears and create healthier indoor environments during flu and allergy seasons. In addition to the OptiClean units, 25 UV lights were installed to drastically reduce allergens.

These Carrier solutions will help promote optimal filtration, ventilation, airflow, and controls in heavily trafficked areas which include the township’s library, police station, fire houses and recreation centers.


The local Carrier team collaborated closely with the township and Sourcewell Purchasing Co-op. The combination of Carrier’s expert hands-on approach along with Sourcewell’s set pricing were key to the successful delivery of 10 healthier, safer and more efficient buildings. Having a fair price established early and then strictly adhered to inspires confidence and allows the team to focus solely on the right indoor air quality solution. From initial assessment to maintenance and monitoring, Carrier works closely with you to upgrade, maintain, and sustain buildings throughout their lifecycles.

Ten buildings including a library, police station, several fire stations and a recreational center

  • 50,000 total square feet of indoor space
  • 400 employees

Healthier air and buildings achieved with 61 OptiClean air scrubbers and 25 UV lights

“We were impressed by Carrier’s thoroughness and team approach throughout…from assessment to pricing to installation. They carefully examined the air quality of each building as well as the overall health of all the buildings together. Carrier’s openness, communications and continued support has also been refreshing, and reassuring.”

Lou Reynolds

CPWM/ Supervisor

West Orange, NJ

From commercial to residential and all spaces in between, innovation at Carrier is focused on today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.
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