High ambient temperatures


Tough outside, cool inside

Carrier Transicold proposes special product ranges, Oasis for trucks, and X4 for trailers, to answer the rigors of high temperatures, up to +50°C, in mono or multi-temperature for trucks. 

In high ambient climates, sustaining the cold chain is more important than anywhere else. Our ranges deliver unmatched capacity and constant airflow. Truck operators can depend on reliable protection of perishables.


Combining aerodynamics styling and reliability, the two ranges have been designed with rugged and durable material to resist harsh conditions. All components have gone through UV and chemicals resistance test to operate in extreme climates.

Low ambient temperatures


Using heat to keep cool

For low temperatures, Carrier Transicold proposes the Nordic version of its Supra range for trucks featuring high capacity electrical and hot water heating for reliable operation in extreme low-ambient conditions.

On trailers, the E-Drive all-electric technology provides a constant source of heating capacity, unlike traditional systems that rely on the refrigeration circuit to provide heat. In extremely cold ambient conditions, a traditional refrigeration system’s outlet condenser is exposed to the cold, and therefore cannot produce enough heat inside the trailer to overcome the ambient temperature. The Vector system’s heating feature is decoupled from cooling capacity, leading to an outstanding heating capacity of 9,000 Watts on the Vector 1950.

In addition, the engine vent heater accessory avoids frost or ice inside the engine breather. The heat is made by using coolant liquid. It permits an easy restart in cold ambient temperature. Another add-on useful in cold climates in the fuel warmer that avoids fuel freezing at filter level. It starts to warm when low temperatures are reached and enables an easy restart.