Let the Sun Shine! Solar Power System Mounts to TRU

There’s something new under the sun that’s sure to help fleet operations managers keep their cool about refrigeration unit reliability: a Carrier Transicold solar-powered transport refrigeration unit (TRU) battery charging system that delivers more power faster. The system is also the first of its kind to provide a custom fit on top of a Carrier Transicold trailer unit.

“The new TRU-Mount Solar Charging System delivers 2.0 amps of power via ultrapure silicon cells combined with a high-performance charge controller.


“With a significantly smaller footprint than our prior solar panels, the new system provides up to 18% greater power delivery than the prior models for faster, more complete charging of a 12-volt TRU battery, helping ensure uninterrupted performance,” said Jason Forman, associate director, Sales & Marketing, Performance Parts, Carrier Transicold.

The TRU-Mount Solar Charging System is a recommended option for trailer refrigeration units equipped with Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions™ system for remote monitoring. The solar panels can assure that there is always enough battery power to maintain monitoring and communications operations, even when the trailer is out of service.

Maintaining battery charge for telematics is just one reason solar panels are being widely adopted by refrigerated haulers. Solar panels can also help offset battery draws from other ancillary devices, such as fuel-level sensors and interior trailer lighting. During periods when the TRU is not running, such power draws can potentially drain the battery too low to start the TRU engine, resulting in a service callout or battery replacement.

The simplified, clean refrigeration architecture eliminates most of the serviceable items found in conventional mechanical transport refrigeration systems – traditional parts, such as vibrasorbers, clutches, shaft seals, alternators, drive belts and pulleys that require routine maintenance.

Solar panels can also help conserve fuel by minimizing the need to run the TRU engine to charge the battery.

Available now for field installation on existing Carrier Transicold units and later this year as a factory-installed option, the innovative panel design with integral charge controller conveniently fits on the narrow, curved top surface of Carrier Transicold trailer refrigeration units. The positioning makes it less susceptible to overhead scrapes that can affect trailer-top-mounted panels and keeps it out of the hot exhaust stream.

For additional details about solar charging solutions, turn to the experts in, turn to the experts in Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network.

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