New Thin Profile Vector® 1550 Refrigeration Unit Maximizes Intermodal Cargo Efficiency

The new Vector® 1550 domestic intermodal refrigeration system from Carrier Transicold features a thin profile enabling greater capacity utilization within a standard 53-foot North American intermodal container. As a result, up to 7% more cargo can be carried for greater shipping efficiency over rail and highway.

“With the Vector 1550 unit, Carrier Transicold engineered a space-efficient transport refrigeration system that fits within a trim envelope that is a third thinner than a traditional transport refrigeration unit in the U.S.,” said Patrick McDonald, trailer product manager, Carrier Transicold.

The Vector 1550 unit allows a domestic intermodal refrigerated container to accommodate an extra row of pallets, resulting in cube loads similar to 53-foot over-the-road trailers. The thin-profile Vector 1550 unit also reduces total weight by as much as 570 pounds compared to competitive standard-size refrigeration systems, and by 200 pounds compared to competitive slim-profile designs.

“Compared to its competitive counterpart, the Vector 1550 unit is thinner and lighter, while also being a high-efficiency performer with lower engine run speeds producing as much as 27% more cooling per hour per RPM,” McDonald said.

As part of Carrier Transicold’s Vector family, the Vector 1550 unit takes advantage of E-Drive™ technology. Unlike conventional mechanical transport refrigeration units, those with E-Drive technology use a high-output generator direct-coupled to a diesel engine to power a uniquely all-electric refrigeration system. Using intelligent controls, the system can automatically turn on and off individual components, such as the compressor and fans, running only what it needs, precisely when needed. As a result, components run fewer hours and last longer than traditional counterparts.

The simplified, clean refrigeration architecture eliminates most of the serviceable items found in conventional mechanical transport refrigeration systems – traditional parts, such as vibrasorbers, clutches, shaft seals, alternators, drive belts and pulleys that require routine maintenance.

Vector 1550 Full Unit

As with other units in Carrier Transicold’s Vector platform, the Vector 1550 unit offers integrated electric standby, enabling the unit to be plugged into a power source when parked at a distribution facility or other location. This eliminates emissions and noise from the refrigeration unit engine, conserves fuel and reduces operating costs. The Vector system provides the unit’s full rated refrigeration capacity when on standby, unlike some add-on standby systems that add weight and complexity, without delivering full capacity.

The Vector 1550 system also can be coupled with Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions™ telematics system for remote monitoring of system operation and container temperatures, generation of automatic “proof of temperature” compliance reports to maintain food safety standards, and providing enhanced control features, such as remote software updates and data downloads.

For additional details on the new thin-profile Vector 1550 domestic intermodal refrigeration system, turn to the experts in Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network.

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