Carrier commercial equipment represents today’s most advanced technology. To ensure that you receive the full benefit from this leading edge design, proper start-up, following a rigorous, factory-defined set of procedures is essential. Correct start-up is the key to optimum performance, safety and reliability, not just during the first days or weeks of operation, but for years to come.

After this strong start, your Carrier system is protected by a powerful new-equipment warranty, a warranty that reflects our confidence in the performance, reliability and durability that Carrier builds into every machine. This superior coverage does not have to end when your new-equipment warranty expires. With a Carrier optional extended warranty, you can continue to provide your HVAC system with this exceptional level of protection — easily and economically for years to come. Carrier Start-Up and Extended Warranty Services deliver precisely the continuous protection that your facility needs. Take advantage of these powerful management tools and experience the peace of mind that can make managing your facility easier.

How can Carrier’s start-up and extended warranty protection provide value to you?

It can:
  • Reduce risk of unexpected equipment downtime with proper equipment start-up
  • Simplify short and long-term budgeting with planned extended warranty
  • Asset protection to ensure long equipment life

Carrier’s start-up and extended warranty protection applies to:

  • Carrier water-cooled and air-cooled chillers