There’s no escaping that all equipment ages over time. But that doesn’t mean that older chillers cannot benefit from mechanical upgrades. We offer a wide variety of modernization, retrofit and upgrade solutions for many equipment types. Variable frequency drives and digital controls upgrade the capabilities of older equipment for better performance without large capital investment. Cooling tower retrofits and other ancillary equipment in your HVAC portfolio can be modernized with immediate impact on your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to deliver lower energy costs, minimize mechanical wear and extend equipment life.

And, facility conditions can change over time. Square footage modifications, hours of operation, additional heating & cooling loads and occupancy levels can all impact the performance of your equipment and your entire facility. We can implement a comprehensive optimization program designed to restore your system to its original and optimal performance.

How can Carrier’s Equipment Modernization, Retrofit and Optimization Services provide value to you?

It can:

  • Maximum system efficiency and occupant comfort
  • Increase value of building assets
  • Drive down operating costs and maintenance expenses
  • Extend equipment life

Carrier’s Equipment Modernization, Retrofit and Optimization Services applies to:

  • Water-cooled chillers
  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Air handling units and air distribution devices
  • Cooling towers, pumps, boilers
  • Control systems