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Water Cooled Chillers Rental

Water-Cooled Chillers Applications & Optional Features

The water-cooled chiller cooling process involves the absorption of heat from the process. The heat is then transferred to a cooling tower to reduce return water temperature. Industrial and larger tonnage applications typically use water-cooled chillers due to increased efficiency and size of the discharged heat load is a factor.

We inventory water-cooled chillers ranging from 540 KW to 1,340KW


  • Supplemental cooling
  • Emergency response
  • Industrial/specific operating conditions
  • Food processing
  • Process cooling
  • Cold storage/warehousing
  • Refinery and chemical production projects
  • Scheduled outages and turn-around projects
  • Testing requirements
  • Standby services
  • Low-temp cooling
 Optional Features
  • High Water Pressure Applications (up to 20 bar)
  • Customised flow rates and pump selections
  • Series counterflow applications to accommodate capacity requirements 
Water cooled Screw Chiller – 30XWV 180
Water cooled Screw Chiller – 30XWV 195