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Over 250 Years of HVAC System Experience

Learn from our experts - the Carrier University team includes many impressive industry professionals who have a combination of skills and experiences that enable us to design, develop and deliver effective training at a number of levels, for a range of professions within the HVAC industry. Instructors and their respective work experience, skills and areas of expertise are noted below.

Jake Bertani

Jake has five years’ experience in the HVAC industry. He started his career as a sales engineer in upstate New York, focusing on applied and unitary products. His experience then branched out to the VRF and Ductless product market as a Territory VRF Sales and Support Specialist. Currently, he is in the Software Systems group focusing on the training of consulting engineers and new users on heating and cooling loads and energy analysis using the Hourly Analysis Program (HAP). He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Course Topics: HVAC Design & Building Modeling

Bill Brown

Bill has over 40 years HVAC experience. Bill has been trained as union mechanic with extensive experience for servicing residential and commercial products. His experience includes service of rooftop, split systems and chillers, including centrifugal chillers. Bill also worked as a service manager and owned his own HVAC service company for over 10 years. Bill has provided training to apprentice HVAC technicians. He currently is the lab supervisor and creates and administers lab training exercises in support of the fundamental, pro-mechanical and pro-electrical and rooftop and chiller training. Bill also assists in centrifugal chiller teardown classes.

Course Topics: Service & Equipment

Michael Dilucchio

Mike has been in the HVAC industry for almost 35 years. He began his career as an electrician, then switched to HVAC and worked for a small company servicing light commercial equipment. He joined the Union a year later and began working on Carrier centrifugal chillers. After 14 years in field service he joined the Carrier University team in 2000. Mike is currently a senior training instructor for Carrier University teaching chiller fundamentals, centrifugal disassembly and reassembly along with classes on screw and scroll chillers.

Course Topics: Service & Equipment

Robert Feduik, PE, LEED® AP

Bob has thirty seven years of HVAC experience. He started his career as a Consulting Engineer of HVAC design for 4 years in Syracuse, NY. He was an application engineer for Carrier Corporation’s packaged units, centrifugal and absorption chillers. His experience includes account management at Carrier Independent and Direct sales organizations involving all aspects of training and servicing consulting engineers and contractors in HVAC systems. Currently, he is in the Software Systems group focusing on training consulting engineers on heating and cooling loads and energy analysis using Hourly Analysis Program (HAP). Bob is responsible for the eastern half of North America.

Course Topics: HVAC Design & Building Modeling

Russell Logalbo

Russ has over 45 years’ experience in the HVAC industry. He has worked in field operations, product management, and product development with the first DDC systems developed by Carrier up to today’s BACnet systems. He currently is involved with instructional course development, and design of technical building control and sales courses as well as service and design course on air distribution and troubleshooting. He teaches HVAC contractors on the proper design, installation, operation and configuration of building controls systems and networks using BACnet and the i-Vu® Building Automation system. He also teaches service and design course on air distribution.

Course Topics: Controls, HVAC Design & Service

John McTiernan

John started in the HVAC industry over 45 years ago with Carrier Corporation. He has had positions of increasing responsibility in research, reliability, quality and service engineering in Syracuse as well as service supervisor and service manager positions in the field. His experience and responsibilities have ranged from residential through commercial to heavy machinery products. He worked as a service training instructor for ten years before becoming the technical training manager of Carrier Commercial Service for eight years until his retirement. In addition, he has instructed for RSES and the United Associations HVAC Apprentice Program. He also continues to consult for Carrier Service Training. John assists in teaching pro-mechanical and pro-electrical and rooftop and chiller training classes. He also helps in updating courses and training literature.

John has a B.S. in Chemistry from the State University of New York and numerous industry certifications.

Course Topics: Service & Equipment

Dean Richardson

Dean has over 35 years of HVAC industry experience including 14 years of Service and Application engineering for Residential and Commercial split system and packaged products. Dean spent 14 years as Technical Service manager for Carrier/Bryant Distribution in New York, New Jersey and New England. Currently he is a Senior Service Training Instructor for Carrier University teaching Basic, Pro Troubleshooting Electrical and Mechanical, Heat Pump, Gas Furnace, Troubleshooting Single Zone & VAV Rooftops, and NATE/EPA Certification classes.

Course Topics: Service & Equipment

Rudy Romijn

Rudy has over 40 years of HVAC experience. He started his career at a full service architectural firm located in western Michigan designing mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems for a variety of commercial buildings ranging from art museums to waste water treatment facilities. Rudy joined Carrier in January 1989 as a sales engineer in western Michigan working with design-build mechanical contractors and consulting engineering firms on a variety of projects. Rudy became a Regional Manager in the Software Systems group focusing on training consulting engineers on heating and cooling loads and energy analysis using Hourly Analysis Program (HAP).

Course Topics: HVAC Design

Willard F. Wyman

Will has over 45 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Will’s career has included positions as a Trane Commercial Sales Engineer, estimator, installer, salesman and field superintendent for a Chicago design build contractor and application engineer for Carrier air handlers, and split system. Will has been a part of Carrier’s System Engineering group creating training and application information on various HVAC systems. He has taught HVAC design classes at Carrier University for the last 20 years. He has also developed systems and application training on residential and commercial systems. Will is the author of Carrier’s General Training Air Conditioning series, General Training Electrical series, Service Procedures manuals, the Commercial Systems Quick Reference Guide, the Residential Systems Design Guides and numerous other design and service training materials. Will created and teaches the CSD400, CSD500, CSD600 and CSD700 Engineering Design programs.

Course Topics: HVAC Design