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Course No. Course Title Register
OL001 NATE Core Prep Class
OL002 ABCs of Air Conditioning
OL003 Basic Refrigeration Cycles
OLGTAC1 General Training Air Conditioning 1
OLGTAC11 GTAC 1: Introduction to Air Conditioning
OLGTAC12 GTAC 1: Temperature & Pressure
OLGTAC13 GTAC 1: The Refrigeration Cycle
OLGTAC14 GTAC 1: Systems
OLGTAC15 GTAC 1: Compressors
OLGTAC16 GTAC 1: Condensers
OLGTAC17 GTAC 1: Evaporators
OLGTAC18 GTAC 1: Metering Devices
OLGTAC19 GTAC 1: Electrical & Refrigerant Controls
OLGTAC110 GTAC 1: Refrigeration Cycle Accessories
OLGTAC2 General Training Air Conditioning 2
OLGTAC21 GTAC 2: Refrigerant Characteristics
OLGTAC22 GTAC 2: Refrigerant Oils
OLGTAC23 GTAC 2: Refrigerant Piping
OLGTAC24 GTAC 2: System Dehydration
OLGTAC25 GTAC 2: Charging, Recovery, Recycling & Reclamation
OLGTAC26 GTAC 2: Installation Procedures
OLGTAC27 GTAC 2: Heat Pumps
OLGTAC28 GTAC 2: Part Load
OLGTAC29 GTAC 2: Troubleshooting
OLGTE2 General Training Electrical (Fundamentals)
OLGTE21 GTE: Introduction to Electricity
OLGTE22 GTE: Electrical Components and Their Symbols
OLGTE23 GTE: Wiring Diagrams
OLGTE24 GTE: Wiring Diagram Exercises
OLGTE25 GTE: Electric Meter and Their Uses
OLGTE26 GTE: Alternating Current Fundamentals
OLGTE27 GTE: Motor Fundamentals and Motor Protection
OLGTE28 GTE: Electronic Devices and Circuits
OLGTE29 GTE: Electrical Troubleshooting
OLGTH2 General Training Heating 2
OLGTH21 GTH: Introduction to Gas Heating
OLGTH22 GTH: Principles of Gas Combustion
OLGTH23 GTH: Gas Furnaces
OLGTH24 GTH: Gas Burners
OLGTH25 GTH: Gas Controls
OLGTH26 GTH: Gas Ignition Systems
OLGTH27 GTH: Gas Safety & Operating Controls
OLGTH28 GTH: Furnace Installation Practices
OLGTH29 GTH: Ventilation & Combustion Air
OLGTH210 GTH: Gas Troubleshooting
OL IVU i-Vu Basic Self-Paced Online Tutorial