Automated Logic's WebCTRL® Building Automation/Intelligent Building Management System

  • Intuitive, comprehensive building operation
  • Interactive graphical access
  • Uses open standards
  • Uses HTTP for communicate
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Provides time-lapse reports, trends and alarms
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Multi-level passwords; Secure sockets layer with 128-bit encryption
  • Monitors and controls third party equipment
  • Fully compatible with legacy Automated Logic systems

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® is a building automation system that offers an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. Your building can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your favorite browser, eliminating the need for special software on the workstation or tablet. Through a browser you can access all building management functions including:

  • Setting and changing schedules
  • Adjusting setpoints and other control properties
  • Graphically trending all important building conditions, including energy and comfort
  • Viewing and acknowledging alarms
  • Running pre-configured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, tenant billing, and much more
  • Developed entirely around proven open standards and web technologies, WebCTRL’s server software runs on major platforms, including Windows® and Linux. Major databases supported by the server include MS SQL Express, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Apache Derby.