The challenges of pharmaceutical transport

Dramatic changes around the world have underscored the importance – and challenges – of ensuring that medicines reach the people who need them. Through industry-leading services, solutions and expertise across all aspects of the cold chain, Carrier is moving the cold chain forward to help preserve, protect and extend the world’s supply of medicine. For some medicines to meet regulatory requirements and to be most effective, they must adhere to strict temperature controls and monitoring.

Integrity through dedicated Carrier refrigeration units, accessories and services

Certicold Pharma refrigeration units

Carrier Transicold is helping its customers meet the requirements of these guidelines by recommending a suite of products and services that are ideally suited to this task.

Carrier Transicold offers eleven refrigeration units, single or multi-temperature, with Certicold Pharma certification for all vehicle sizes: for semi-trailers, the Vector® HE 19, Vector® 1950, and 1550 units, and for rigid trucks, the Supra® 1150 units are recommended. For LCVs, the Pulsor® 400 and 600 or the Xarios® 350 are required. These units are parameterized to detect temperature differences and prevent any disfunction. In addition to these settings, there is an interconnected telematics system to monitor and record the events of the trip: ColdTrans. This includes an automatic sensor for opening the trailer doors, a recorder (the DataCold 600), a control system from the cab (the ColdTouch) and an external safety display. In the event of an incident, the driver can contact the nearest Certicold center for emergency intervention.


About Lynx™ Fleet

Carrier Transicold has launched the advanced Lynx™ Fleet solution for over-the-road refrigeration transporters in Europe. The Lynx™ Fleet solution applies advanced IoT, machine learning and analytics technology to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey. The suite of Lynx tools provides Carrier customers with enhanced visibility, increased connectivity and actionable intelligence across their cold chain operations to improve outcomes for temperature-sensitive cargo, including food, medicine and vaccines.

Certicold Pharma Service Centers

Ten service centers have been awarded by Cemafroid with the Certicold Pharma certification, verifying quality performance and temperature control for refrigeration equipment used in the transportation of healthcare products. The network has been specially trained and equipped with measuring tools to carry out initial and renewal thermal mapping in accordance with regulations.


Vaccine distribution

Refrigeration has a critical role to play in the safe distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine due to the temperature-sensitivity of the various vaccines and number of handoffs required from production to person. Based on decades of experience, Carrier’s Refrigeration segment is a world leader in helping to preserve and protect pharmaceuticals and supporting safe vaccine distribution.

“We are working with a range of customers, distributors, pharma companies and governmental departments to help with their safe vaccine distribution,” said David Appel, President, Carrier Refrigeration. “We’re making things happen and are excited to be part of the larger solution.”