Vector® HE 17: Your everyday partner

The versatile refrigerated trailer solution

The Vector HE 17 is a versatile solution for your everyday needs. The new system features variable frequency drive technology combined with proven E-Drive all-electric technology, an architecture inherited from the Vector HE 19. Achieving best-in-class total cost of ownership*, the Vector HE 17 delivers improved refrigeration output while significantly reducing fuel consumption*. It is the ideal fit for long-haul deliveries but also urban deliveries, making it your daily partner.


Best-in-class diesel consumption*


With variable speed compressor


-2 dB(A)*

* Compared to Vector 1550
E-Drive™ technology

The new Vector HE 17 unit embeds Carrier Transicold’s pioneering all-electric E-Drive™ technology, a mainstay of the company’s trailer systems since 1999, removing the need for the mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven refrigeration systems and converting engine power into electricity to drive the unit. Combined with the new variable frequency drive management that continuously alters the motor speed to match the air demand, it delivers greater efficiency, reduces the risk of refrigerant leaks and significantly lower fuel consumption.

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Variable speed compressor

The Vector HE 17 is equipped with a variable speed compressor that uses a special drive speed up or slow down the motor compressor according to cooling load. This high-efficiency compressor coupled with the reduction of the low diesel engine speed allow the Vector HE 17 unit to prove better cooling performances, fuel savings and thus less polluting and sound emissions.


Benefits of VFD

With variable frequency drive (VFD), the compressor will deliver only what is needed to the refrigeration unit, improving its efficiency. This technology eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling motor speed. VFD allows to adjust cargo temperature by changing motor speed without turning the motor ON and OFF, thus allowing perfect adjustment between cooling capacity need and power demand, while preserving the energy consumption at its lowest level, avoiding high peak of power demand due to unnecessary compressor re-start.


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