Cool by Carrier - Flowers

Flowers are as delicate as they seem. Composed of around 70-95% of water, temperature control is a major concern to keep optimum freshness of these live products.

The temperature control starts right from the production stage. As soon as the flower is being cut, it is stored in a cold room between 2-4°C for one night in buckets of water. This allows the flower to gorge itself with water and maintain its humidity level.

It is then recommended to keep the flowers around 4-6°C until it is being delivered and displayed at home.

The transport phase is critical. Flowers don't like temperature variations and the temperature inside the box needs to stay as accurate as possible.

The right level of humidity is also vital during transport. A low level will imply loss of quality while too much humidity can bring to the development of botrytis and mold.

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The ideal combination

The truck showcased in the video above is an engineless Combination Truck composed of 2 ICELAND undermount units powered by an ECO-DRIVE 25C.

The ICELAND unit offers a constant airflow up to 3900 m3/h – allowing moisture extraction to minimize the risk of botrytis and mold.

Cool by Carrier - Truck

The ECO-DRIVE transforms the truck's engine power into electricity to run the refrigeration unit. This enables a sharp temperature control with +/- 0.8°C accuracy.