Carrier Transicold Delivers for Feeding America® Network

Carrier Transicold takes seriously its responsibility to preserve, protect and deliver the world’s food supply, and as an extension of that commitment, the company recently announced a program to support the Feeding America® network by providing truck and trailer refrigeration units to individual food banks in need.

Funded by a $150,000 grant from parent United Technologies Corp., the program covers the donation and installation of transport refrigeration units to seven food banks.

“As we focus on helping emerging nations develop the cold chain as a means of getting more perishable food to hungry people, we also realize there are needs in the U.S. as well,” said Jon Shaw, director, Global Communications & Sustainability, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems, in explaining the rationale behind the program.

“More than 42 million people nationwide face hunger, including 13 million children,” said Bill Thomas, chief supply chain officer, Product Development, Feeding America. “The Feeding America network distributes billions of pounds of produce, dairy and proteins to people in need each year, so a robust cold chain is critical to our mission. With support from Carrier, we will be able to distribute more of these valuable items to help ensure that our communities have access to more healthy and nutritious food options that might otherwise end up in landfills.”

Funds will be disbursed to member food banks that have identified a need for a Carrier truck or trailer refrigeration unit. The food banks, located in Louisiana, South Dakota, Michigan, California, Georgia and Nevada, will then use the funds to purchase the equipment, including installation by their local Carrier Transicold dealer.

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