Carrier Acquires Select IMPCO Transport Product Lines

Carrier Transicold has completed an agreement to acquire select IMPCO transport product lines, including the ComfortPro® Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), from Westport Fuel Systems, Inc. This addition will allow Carrier Transicold to oversee the development, engineering and manufacturing of these anti-idling solutions and to provide increased customer support through the dealer network.

“These product lines will enable Carrier Transicold to provide a superior line of APUs and battery comfort systems for trucks,” said Tom Ondo, vice president and general manager, Carrier Transicold, Truck/Trailer/Rail Americas.

The rugged diesel-powered ComfortPro APU is an integrated heating and cooling system for trucks, with a generator that delivers power for cabin household accessories. The ComfortPro APU also charges truck batteries, warms the truck engine and can be equipped for shorepower compatibility, enabling users to easily plug in to an electric supply when parked rather than running the APU engine and generator.

Since 2006, Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network has offered the ComfortPro model and accessories, helping to establish it as one of the trucking industry’s leading APUs.

“APUs offer potential for fuel savings as well as compliance with more prevalent and more stringent idling regulations,” said Ondo. “In addition, fleets understand the impact an APU can have on reducing truck engine maintenance. Operating an APU instead of idling the truck can reduce wear on the truck engine, reducing maintenance and other related costs. It can also mean extended engine life and better trade-in value for the truck.”

“In addition to the broad range of transport refrigeration solutions we provide to our customers, this acquisition will enable us to expand technologies for anti-idling that will contribute to greater operator comfort as well as reduced fuel consumption while meeting operational and sustainability goals,” Ondo added.

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