eSolutions Cellular Capabilities Well-suited for Long Haul 

Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions™ platform has been optimized for 4G LTE cellular networks to assure long-term reliable service in the years ahead.

“Telecom carriers are planning their process of ‘sunsetting’ older network technologies to open more of the limited cellular communication spectrum for 4G LTE and 5G service,” said Steve Reynolds, manager, Telematics Business Unit, Carrier Transicold. “The gradual phasing out of earlier service is a progression that has been with us since the earliest analog systems rolled out more than 30 years ago. Cellular technology has simply continued to evolve, providing advantages of faster more reliable service.”

LTE, short for long-term evolution, is a uniform and globally accepted 4G wireless standard, unlike its 2G and 3G predecessors, which had variants, such as GSM and CDMA. 

While 4G LTE is up to 10 times faster than earlier services, its main advantage for IoT and machine applications, such as transport refrigeration remote monitoring and control, is eliminating uncertainty by maintaining connectivity beyond the sunsetting of earlier technologies, which is continuing.

“For fleets that currently use 3G telematics systems on their Carrier Transicold refrigeration equipment, now is a great time to consider upgrading to the eSolutions system with 4G LTE,” Reynolds said. “And for fleets that haven’t yet added reefer telematics, there has never been a better time to add eSolutions.”

But what about the current rollout of even faster 5G service that major carriers are widely promoting?

“With 5G products, which are currently considerably more expensive, the speed-boost advantage primarily serves mobile devices and phones where voice latency is virtually eliminated, and video streaming is optimized,” Reynolds said. “Plus, 5G service is currently concentrated in urban areas, not along highways where trucks roam.”

“While the sun is setting on 3G and rising on 5G, there is plenty of daylight left for 4G LTE,” Reynolds added. “For machine applications, 4G LTE is proven and reliable and is expected to be with us through the current decade and beyond, so well worth the investment today.”

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