Carrier Transicold Rolling out Two Supra eCool Truck Refrigeration Units 

Delivering greater versatility along with quiet, emissions-free performance, Carrier Transicold is rolling out two single-temperature electric truck refrigeration units as the foundation of its new Supra eCool™ series.

The Supra eCool electric units will cover 14- to 28-foot, Class 5 to 7 straight truck applications and are designed for fleets seeking regulatory compliance or simply cleaner, more sustainable options. The engineless Supra e9 and e11 units will provide comparable refrigeration performance to Carrier Transicold’s diesel-powered Supra S8 and S10 units.

Efficient performance and proprietary power management technologies optimize battery life to maximize range in support of daily delivery operations.

Supra eCool units feature:

  • Efficient zero-emissions performance – Utilizing a direct-current electric power source, the unit eliminates fuel consumption, emissions and noise associated with engine-driven systems.
  • Maximum range and high refrigeration capacity – Designed for a full day’s use, the refrigeration performance is on par with conventional diesel systems.
  • Reduced service requirements – Maintenance-free electric evaporator and condenser fans, and a sealed electric compressor reduce maintenance needs.
  • More environmentally sustainable refrigerant – The unit uses R-452A, a refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) 45% lower than the traditional refrigerant used in transport applications.
  • Lynx Fleet™ telematics – Carrier Transicold’s industry-leading telematics solution is factory installed for remote monitoring of temperatures, location, movement, battery state of charge and system operating performance. (Service plan required.)

The Supra eCool design includes a variable-speed electric scroll compressor and an electronic expansion valve in the evaporator, which help to extend the operating range by more precisely and efficiently matching power draw from the battery to the cooling need at hand.

Supra eCool units are versatile when it comes to their power source, as they can draw directly from battery-electric vehicles via a high-voltage interlock, or, when used with conventional engine-driven trucks, they can run autonomously using their own 38-kWh high-voltage DC power pack with a built-in water-cooled temperature management system.

“This versatility makes them especially well-suited for fleets in California that are now required to begin adding zero-emissions truck refrigeration units, which may be installed on trucks with either battery-electric or engine-driven powertrains,” said Bill Maddox, Senior Manager of Product Management, Truck Trailer Americas, Carrier Transicold.

Commercial availability is slated for later this year to help California fleets comply with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) deadline of Dec. 31 to convert 15% of their refrigerated trucks to zero-emission refrigeration technologies.

Carrier Transicold’s Supra eCool truck refrigeration units will help fleets significantly reduce their environmental impact, supporting Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance Goal of reducing its customers’ carbon footprint by 1 gigaton.

For additional details about Lynx Fleet, turn to the experts in Carrier Transicold's North America dealer network.

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