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Upgrade and modernization

Let your Carrier Service Expert help you get the most out of your investment. With today’s modern technology, they can recommend upgrades and retrofits to keep your equipment operating as efficiently as possible during its service life. And, when it comes time to replace, they can assist you with the best solutions whether a single piece of equipment or your entire HVAC system.
Minimise the impact of equipment aging
There’s no escaping that all equipment ages over time. But that doesn’t mean that older chillers cannot benefit from mechanical upgrades. We offer a wide variety of modernisation, retrofit and upgrade solutions for many equipment types. Our solutions are designed to deliver lower energy costs, minimise mechanical wear and extend equipment life.
Secure and support the production performance

Your chiller or heat pump may be working, but is it as efficient as it could be? Our experts assess your equipment performance and provide tailored proposals regarding improvements to your set-up, so that you can get the most out of your equipment, not to mention reducing costs from energy wastage.

Based on your specific needs, we offer various solutions with maximal flexibility and full support to secure and guarantee the performance of your cooling and heating operations.

  • Equipment upgrade
  • Equipment replacement
  • Turnkey solutions

How can Carrier’s equipment modernisation, retrofit & optimisation services provide value to you?

It can:
  • Maximum system efficiency and occupant comfort
  • Increase value of building assets
  • Drive down operating costs and maintenance expenses
  • Extend equipment life

Carrier's equipment modernisation, retrofit & optimisation services applies to:

  • Water-cooled chillers
  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Air handling units and air distribution devices
  • Package units
  • Control systems
  • Split modernisation projects

Improve reliability
Optimize energy performance
Comply with energy regulations

Improve reliability
Optimize energy performance
Comply with energy regulations

Upgrade your HVAC system with the new Aquaforce® Chiller generation


Upgrade your HVAC plant efficiency with Thermal Energy Storage solution
We constantly adapt our service offer to your needs
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Other services

Building management solutions
Advanced control and monitoring services allow you to track and monitor your HVAC system performance and energy consumptions and take preventive and corrective actions.
Consultancy and regulations
As an expert on their equipment, Carrier offer you consultancy services on how to manage and optimise your energy consumption and your maintenance costs. We help you to understand and comply with the fast-moving regulatory environment.