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Gothenburg (HC)
Aröds Industriväg 32
417 05 Göteborg

Storsätragränd 12
127 39 Skärholmen

Stenåldersgatan 2 B
213 76 Malmö


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roomMap From 2023-06-15
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Peppol ID: 0007:5562439512
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Service department

Pekka Relander
Service Director

phoneCall us 031-65 55 18
emailEmail [email protected]

Christian Öberg
Service Salesperson, Gothenburg

phoneCall us 031-65 55 44
emailEmail [email protected]

Christian Eriksson
Service Salesperson, Stockholm

phoneCall us 08-564 72 583
emailEmail [email protected]

Tomas Johansson
Carrier Controls

phoneCall us 08-5647 25 64
emailEmail [email protected]

Henrik Flemming
Service supervisor

phoneCall us 040-14 34 18
emailEmail [email protected]

Sales department

Staffan Bauman
Sales Director

phoneCall us 031-65 55 19
emailEmail [email protected]

Klaus Böttrich
Sales Manager Sweden

phoneCall us 0703-33 41 17
emailEmail [email protected]

Stefan Orwèn
Regional Sales Manager South

phoneCall us 040-14 34 14
emailEmail [email protected]

Linus Engverth
Regional Sales Manager Norway and Denmark

phoneCall us +46 31-65 55 08
emailEmail [email protected]

Mostafa Hassan
Sales Stockholm

phoneCall us 0730- 68 84 48
emailEmail [email protected]

Herfinn Olsen
Sales Engineer Göteborg

phoneCall us 0761- 48 93 39
emailEmail [email protected]
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Please note that warrenty issues/claims must be handled through the Complaints Department. All orders via this form "Order form - Service" will be handled as a billable service order and will be invoiced to actual pricelist and Carrier T&C.

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