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Carrier has selected the lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-454B as the optimum solution for use in rooftop applications across Europe.
Environmentally sustainable

Carrier is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products and solutions in line with HVAC industry challenges by lowering refrigerant GWP and increasing the HVAC system efficiency.

Carrier offers the best refrigerant choice according to applications, conditions and technologies. R-454B is the best choice for rooftops.

Specific safety requirements may apply due to R454B is classified as A2L.

Why R-454B for rooftop units?


-80% carbon footprint*

-77% GWP (Global Warming Potential)*

-10% refrigerant charge*


Up to 3% more energy efficient* and suitable for all climates

* Compared with R-410A

Carrier rooftop heat pump with R-454B refrigerant

Packaged rooftop
heat pump
50FC 020-093 R-454B


Packaged rooftop
heat pump
50FC 100-280 R-454B