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NOVATION® Microchannel coils

The ultimate heat exchanger technology.

In 2006, Carrier was the first to introduce microchannel (MCHE) technology in the Commercial Air Conditioning industry. MCHE heat exchangers are entirely made of aluminum. Since 2011, a new generation of microchannel is available: NOVATION® microchannel.

  • Superior corrosion resistance, due to one-piece material construction
  • Superior mechanical resistance
  • Improved reliability assembly, only one automated braze compared to conventional coils
  • Proven technology
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Up to 50% refrigerant charge reduction vs. traditional Cu/Al coils
  • Better thermal performance vs. Cu/Al coils
  • Light weight reducing CO2 environmental impact during transport
  • Thinner to reduce air pressure losses by 50% and fan energy consumption
  • Reduced fouling maintaining unit performance over the time
An appropriate coating process
Carrier offers exclusive design and coating solutions for various corrosive environments.

Standard coating

MCHE standard coils are suitable for any non corrosive environments.

Enviro-Shield® coating

Enviro-Shield® coating is a nano-scale conversion coating which uniformly covers the entire surface of the coil. Carrier Coil Treatment is applied by immersion (not spray or a vernish) which provides a reliable and complete protective coverage. With Enviro-Shield® protection, corrosion resistance of the MCHE coil is doubled without any impact on heat exchange performance.


Super Enviro-Shield® coating

Super Enviro-Shield® MCHE coils have an extremely durable and flexible epoxy coating uniformly applied over all coil surfaces for complete isolation from the contaminated environment.

Super Enviro-Shield® coating provides superior protection against extreme corrosive environments.

Available on all Carrier air-cooled chillers