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Circular economy

Carrier knows the art of the circular economy better than anyone!

When it comes to climate control, Carrier is a circular-economy pioneer. Sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand, and both are cemented in our core values. We share our knowledge with our partners and together we work on improving sustainability and climate control day in, day out.

circulaire economie
A circular economy means the elimination of waste, thanks to more efficient product design and re-using materials as much as possible. A material passport ensures that the loops is always closed and many more materials are recycled, resulting in less waste and a cleaner planet. This is one of the goals of circularity.
Material passport
The material passport is being set-up with as many recyclable raw materials as possible so they can be re-used as raw materials again. The best instrument for making raw materials recognisable and (thus) efficiently and widely re-usable is to give every product a material passport. Below is an example of the material passport for our liquid chiller 30XWH :
30XWH 254-1762
carrier 30XWH-30XWHP water cooled chiller water sourced heat pump screw
    • 3069 kg
    • 3044,7 kg = 99,2%
    • Circular production

      Sustainability aims for Carrier plants

      • 1) Reduce water consumption by 25% (compared to 2015)
      • 2) 100% implementation of Global Best Water Management* in 2020
      • * including re-use of laboratory culture water, using rain water, recovering condensate from air handling cabinets, optimisation of cooling towers



Cast iron



Circular installations can't be made alone – circularity means collaboration. Carrier offers circular collaborations based on 'use'. So, we remain the owner of a product and guarantee its functioning via a service level agreement. The user only pays for the use of the product and has no responsibility for it. This form of service provision aims to keep the Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible for contractors.
The increasing scarcity of raw materials and demanding sustainability requirements which are placed on installations in buildings also play an increasingly important role for building owners in their mission to make property more sustainable. Since Carrier, as the supplier, remains the owner of the product, raw materials can be collected and re-used after the contract period. What's more, during our maintenance works, we can also deliver newer and better components to increase the product life.

Want to know more about our material passports, sustainable production processes and Cooling as a Service (SaaS) opportunities? Please get in touch.

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