Get Ready for EcoDesign with Carrier!

The EcoDesign Directive will be applied for refrigerated display cabinets from the 1st of March 2021.

In the coming weeks, we will enter into the detail of the relevant regulations and how they will impact your installations - to get you ready for EcoDesign.

We will post new articles regularly in this dedicated web section, so stay tuned to know everything!

Today, we start by clarifying – what is EcoDesign?

The objective of the EcoDesign Directive is to bring manufacturers to design energy efficient products so as to reduce their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

Adopted by the European Union Commission, the Regulations apply to newly produced refrigerated display cabinets only – and are setting requirements relating to:

  • Energy labeling
  • Product design
  • Product life cycle
  • Customer information

I have a question!

Are cabinets already installed in the field within the scope of these Regulations?

No, these Regulations are applicable only for cabinets delivered after the entry into force, 01.03.2021. Cabinets put into the market before are excluded by these Regulations.

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