New-Generation Truck Refrigeration Unit from Carrier Transicold Boasts “Supra” Powers


The Supra® S6 new-generation truck refrigeration unit from Carrier Transicold combines improved performance, efficiency and reliability with a contemporary new design, making it a welcome addition to fleets that deliver food, pharmaceuticals, flowers and other refrigerated goods. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

Designed for small- to medium-sized trucks, the Supra S6 unit is the first in a new series of diesel-powered truck units being rolled out by Carrier Transicold. It is being debuted at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition held March 18-21.

“Our Supra platform is known for outstanding dependability and high standards of performance,” said Scott Parker, product manager, truck products, Carrier Transicold. “With the new series, we’ve improved upon the platform, giving it all-new ‘Supra’ powers.

“As an example of the many significant improvements, the Supra S6 unit is the first truck refrigeration unit to use Carrier Transicold’s sophisticated APX™ control technology, which has been proven on thousands of Carrier Transicold trailer refrigeration systems,” Parker said.

With 20 times faster processing speeds than the original, the next-generation APX control technology incorporated into the Supra platform provides intelligent performance optimization, automatic trip data recording and enhanced system diagnostics. Drivers can conveniently tap into the APX system’s functionality through the dash-mounted Cab Command™ control interface, with a backlit LCD display that provides at-a-glance operating information.

The Supra S6 unit seamlessly integrates with Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions™ telematics offering, enabling remote monitoring and control of the refrigeration system as well as GPS location data, geofencing, and, depending on the subscription package, automatic uploads of refrigeration settings and software updates, as well as wireless data downloads.

The Supra unit’s wrap-around honeycomb grille provides clean lines and is removable for easy access to internal components. Overall, the unit is more compact and weighs about 10 percent less than the leading comparable competitive unit.

“The design improvements are much more than skin deep,” Parker said. “The Supra S6 unit introduces a streamlined internal architecture for key components, including the diesel engine and compressor.”

The result is a more logical configuration, using less refrigerant and fewer parts that perform more efficiently. Maintenance-free electric condenser and evaporator fan motors are among dozens of enhancements that enabled the service interval to be extended to 2,000 hours, a 33 percent improvement over the previous model.

“Over a range of set points, the Supra S6 unit provides up to 18 percent greater cooling capacity and faster pulldown in a smarter, more efficient package than the Carrier Transicold model it succeeds, ensuring dependability and peace of mind for operators,” said Parker. The unit offers cooling capacity of 16,000 BTU at a set point of 35 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) in both diesel operation (road mode) and, if so equipped, on electric standby power (stationary mode).

The unit’s high-performance smart diesel engine is compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 emissions standard and provides three speeds rather than two, boosting fuel savings.

For additional details on the Supra S6 truck refrigeration unit, including full performance specifications and features, turn to the experts in Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network.

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carrier-transicold-supra-S6_03182019 Carrier Transicold’s new Supra S6 combines modern aesthetics and powerful, efficient performance for refrigeration of small- to mid-sized trucks.