From farm to fork

To ensure a safe and sustainable cold chain, Carrier Transicold is your cold chain partner throughout the chain. Within Carrier Global Corporation, we offer customers an unmatched portfolio of high-technology products and services for the food retail industry: Carrier Transicold for road transport, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration for turnkey refrigeration systems, Sensitech for cold chain traceability.


Intense delivery of perishable goods

Carrier understands that “fresh” is not simply about how recently produce was harvested or products were created. It is also about the conditions in which they have been transported. That is why Carrier provides transport refrigeration solutions that allow for precise control of temperature and humidity, preserving all types of perishable cargo no matter where it needs to go.

Temperature-controlled equipment helps to increase the storage life of many of the products being carried, enabling transportation across long distances and increasing the effectiveness of the logistics operation. The addition of Carrier Transicold telematics solution allow to access real-time and historical reports, set-point visualization, real-time GPS positioning information, and alarm code information via text and email. This helps reduce downtime, optimize maintenance, manage trailer routes and improve service to customers.